Wednesday, 16 September 2015

E-books VS Traditional books

The advent of e-books has already made its appearance. However, the question that arises is:
Will books on paper be supplanted by electronic texts?

Advantages of  e-books:

  1. Travel. E-books allow us to carry a whole library with us whenever we hit the road.
  2. Storage. Tradinional books can take up much space, whereas e-books are backed up in a small device (which looks like a tablet), which can be up anywhere; either in our houses, or in our backpacks.
  3. Price. E-books are usually more affordable in the long term, on the grounds that there are no printing or translating fees associated with them. Apart from that, some e-books are free to download.
  4. Night reading. Some devices offer us the opportunity to read at night, since they emit an unharmful light. On the contrary, it is imposible to read a traditional book without the assistance of a lamp, especially when we have a craving for reading on our beds.
  5. Interactive e-books. We are now provided with the chance to play games, open new tabs, or explore the Internet while we are reading books on devices which are called readers. This advance is very significant, because not only are we able to assimilate the material we read by playing pertinent games, pr by doing exercises and by solving quizes, but we can also obtain new and useful knowledge.
  6. They are actually more environmentally friendly than books on paper.

Advantages of traditional books:

  1. No devices needed. So, no money has to be squandered on expensive  readers, on which books can be downloaded and backed up in an electronic form. 
  2. No batteries. Although most of the readers have an adequate battery life, there will definitely be some times when they will not have been charged and we won't be able to read at all. 
  3. Tradiion. The exquisite scent of traditinal books is a a chacteristic that cannot be superseded by e-books. Furthermore, book lovers are able to flich through the pages of a book and enjoy its amazing smell, while preserving the tradition of the written word. 

My opinion:
On balance, it is an undisputed fact that e-books constitute far and  away an asset, but as far as I am concerned, not only do they contribute to the demise of written word, but they will also never be able to replace the value of raditional books. 

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