Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dialogue with an examiner

- Examiner: John, could you tell us a little about your neighbourhood?

- John: I live in a quite neighbourhood in Heraklion near the city centre. It's not really far away from here. My neighbours are all very friendly and kind.

- Examiner: Is there any greenery?

- John: No, there are no trees or big parks near my house which is really disappointing.

- Examiner: John, I wonder if you could tell us about your family.

- John: Well, there are six of us in our family. I have two older sisters called Anna and Maria and an elder brother named Nikos. Anna works as a lawyer, Maria is a physical therapist and Nikos is unemployed. We get along really well together. My mom is a shop owner in Knossos and my dad who is a pensioner helps her at the shop.

- Examiner: It seems you have a big family. So John, could you please tell us about your leisure activities?

-John: I don't have enough time for leisure activities but when I do I love playing volleyball. Also in my spare time I like listening to music or reading a book.