Friday, 30 October 2015


Immigration, that is the movement of streams of people, is a primeval phenomenon. Nowadays, though, it has become more intense than ever, since an excessive amount of immigrants are fleeing their countries because they strive to find refuge in safer and established countries. Due to the sheer volume of refugees in different countries, governments and international organizations need to take the initiative to control this wave of desperation. Hence, the question that arises is: 
What can be done to remedy this mammoth problem?

There are many measures that the governments should take in order to alleviate the situation. First and foremost, they could accept a certain amount of refugees so as to restrict illegal entrance in the countries. A case in point is that a wide variety of facilities and many camps could be created after the government will have decided how many people will finally enter the country. Apart from that, the very immigrants should be provided with papers and passports, which will make their legal entrance feasible, without creating a frenzy. As a last resort, inhumane though it may seem, closing the barriers of a country could refrain terrorists from entering illegally; subsequently, terrorist attacks will be eliminated.

There are other implementing measures to deal with immigration. Firstly, the collaboration of all United Nations could be the optimal one, on the grounds that concerted efforts will be made to help immigrants assimilate into foreign societies better. Furthermore, governments in conjunction with International Organizations could offer refugees food supplies, clothes and shelter with which these unfortunate people are not provided when immigrating. Last but not least, the co-ordination of United Nations and International Organizations with governments could contribute to creating an egalitarian atmosphere, governed by deference and tolerance towards diversity, which is vital since locals do not "condescend" to help immigrants.

Taking all this into consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that the problem of immigration will exist perpetually. Only if everyone comprehends the seriousness of the situation, will they come up with beneficial solutions to make the shape of things to come positive in the era of immigration.

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