Thursday, 12 November 2015

Public Health Care

One of the sad realities of modern life is that, although contemporary medical advances have occurred, the availability of quality treatment for all members of society has yet to be accomplished. In my country, for instance, public health care already exists, but hardly a day goes by without citizens complaining of its malfunction. Hence, topping my changes' list are where treatment is given and who actually gets it.

The question of who gets quality treatment is probably the greatest problem facing public health care nowadays. More specifically, affluent people are more likely to be registered with a prolific treatment, since doctors of National Health System (NHS) are governed by corruption. That is, local physicians expect patients to leave them an exorbitant amount of money in an envelope. A case in point is that even though parents are offered with health insurance, they opt to hand this envelope over for fear of the ramifications if they do not. It is outrageous that daunted patients are exploited this way. So, to alleviate the situation, governments should inform citizens about their rights to health care and the phenomenon of corruption.

The second problem of our NHS that is crucial we comprehend is the fact that although there are public hospital and a wide variety of clinics, some citizens are not able to take advantage of them, either because they are not in close proximity to them, or since they are inadequately equipped. More specifically, not only is the absence of hospitals in rural areas and islands a serious complaint on the grounds that patients have to travel when they are inflicted with an  immense amount of pain, but also the system's inability to care about diseases is undoubtedly blameworthy. Therefore, fund raising so as to build hospitals in underdeveloped parts of the country and setting up evacuation systems, which will facilitate the patients in remote ares are to be done.      

Taking everything into consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that these problems of our National Health System will exist perpetually unless the government and the doctors take action in order to make public health care a service fairly provided to everyone, since health is always the most important priority.                         

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