Sunday, 8 November 2015

Home Schooling

          There has been a great deal of heated debate about the purpose of home schooling. This alternative method of education is the education of children at home by a parent or a tutor. It's very popular especially in America where 1.7 million families seem to prefer it. However, every coin has two sides and so does home schooling.
         To begin with, there are many benefits of home schooling. Firstly, it focuses on students' educational needs. Parents have the chance to give more emphasis on subjects that their children is not good enough. Without going to school children will not have to deal with bullying or peer pressure. Moreover, students don't need to wake up early. Sleeip is a vital factor in students' lives. If the don't sleep enough, they will be exhausted and ineffective at learning. Also, home schooling strengthens the relationship between children and parents, as they spend quality time together. However, this alternative educational method has significant disadvantages. School is the image of our community and helps students to be more sociable and make more friends. At school children can easily learn how to work in a team and spend a lot of time with other people. By going to school and not spending too much time with parents children learn how to be more independent and more mature. Furthermore, most parents don't have the necessary educational skills in order to teach their students as a professional teacher does or they may not have enough time because of their demanding job. Also, they may lack in control because home schoolers don't see them as teachers, but as parents and therefore, become less obedient. Lat but not least, students may not have pleasant memories with their friends  from school that they can talk about when they are adults.
                  Taking everything into consideration, I believe that the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages. If I were a parent and had the choice, I would definitely opt for the traditional method of education which is public schools because in my opinion it is the most effective way of learning, taught by professional teachers.

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