Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Private schools

              There has been a heated debate on whether private schools provide better education than public schools or other types of education. Some people believe that all children should go to private schools but others are against it. Every coin has two sides and so does private schools.
               First of all, the education which is provided by private schools is known as the best for some people. As they think that private schools' teachers have a variety of knowledge. Moreover, private schools offer students the choice of activities that they can do after the lesson, like drama, foreign languages or sports. In most private schools students first have to pass some exams in order to get into the school. This provides safety to the parents who think that it is a great choice so their children will be with intelligent students who passed the test. Last but not least, most private schools have increased fees. Some parents believe that this happens because of the teachers' educational skills.
               On the other side, public schools can provide a better education. Teachers are not only skillful in private but also in public schools. That's why a large amount of people seem to prefer it. Furthermore, most parents don't have the money to pay the school's fees so they turn to the cheaper choice - public schools. Many teachers in public schools take the initiative to help their students with foreign languages, such as French or German in order to pass the exams. Other teachers take the initiative to have some after-school courses for students who don't do well on some subjects, like maths, history or science.
                Taking everything into consideration, I firmly believe that the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages. Also, I believe that the same education which is provided in private schools can be also provided much better in public schools.