Saturday, 30 January 2016

Music piracy

         Nowadays, a debate has been going on whether people should pirate CDs or not. Some people say that as music develops it becomes much more expensive to buy songs from the internet or CDs from a shop, so they turn to the cheaper option which is pirate music. Others say that people who pirate CDs should get a stiff punishment because companies do not have money and they bankrupt or fire people from their staff. Every coin has two sides and so does this problem.
         First of all, every day new types of music are formed and developed. These types become popular mostly because of famous websites where you can find music or any other videos you want, for example, youtube. As technology is improved new sites are created on the internet in order to download onto your laptop, mobile, tablet etc. songs you really like. This is how pirate music works. The supporters of it, say that it is one of the best things technology made because it is free and quick. Moreover, they claim that music companies can make profit from the fans of a musician or singer when the cd is released.
        On the other side, it is unfair for some people who do not have this kind of electronic machines maybe they do not have the money to buy a computer or a laptop. Others say that it is unfair for employees of music companies. Music companies cannot make profit. As a result they choose to close or fire some staff. As a consequence, the list of unemployment is continuosly increasing. Another consequence is that, as music companies close the music industry also loses profit.
        Taking everything into consideration, I believe that people who pirate CDs should be punished, but also music should be cheaper for those who cannot afford this extra cost. Also, we should all help people who are fired from their job or we should at least prevent it with anyway.

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