Monday, 14 November 2016


      What are the characteristics of culture?

The characteristics of culture are the following:
Culture is shared, social, transmitted through learning, dependent upon language, cumulative, gratifying to participate in, dynamic and variable between different societies. All human societies have their own cultures

   How is culture transmitted?

 Schein (1985) has argued that culture is transmitted in two different ways, either through 'problem solving' / 'positive reinforcement' or 'anxiety avoidance' / 'trauma'. The former refers to a policy of repeating successful work strategies, the latter to a policy of avoiding unpleasant situations by basing thought and action on previous negative experiences.

   The advantages and the disadvantages of globalization:

  • Employment opportunities,Education,Trade has become more competitive leading to production of high-quality products,Price of commodities has also become cheaper,People have become more tolerant and open towards each other.
  • Incursion of deadly diseases,it has not worked in favor for a large section of the population,unfair working conditions and social injustice,

  • Do I feel cretan?Well the answer is actually no.I consider myself a citizen of Greece,thus I never liked  cretan music and customs that much,even food,for example the music with the mandolin and the meat don't appeal to me that much,for all that reasons I don't consider myself a cretan and to tell the truth I don't feel very good about it,but I can't change my habits and tastes to fit a total of people.

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