Monday, 21 November 2016

The Lady Lifers: A moving song from women in prison for life

This video is about the feelings of prisoners while the years are passing . It describes their emotions, their thoughts and the questions they came up with in this unknown ''home''. Moreover, they try to persuade themselves that prison isn't their home, but they'll finallly go out there and be proud of their strength. Futhermore, they have realized their faults and also they have recongnised their guilt and  ask questions such as: what will happen if they get through in this condition or whether they'll see their family again. Last but not least, they hope that they won't die alone in this ''cold place'' where everyone is a suspect of a wrong and regretted action , we can see that when the singers are crying. I chose this video due to the fact that they hope for a better future like everyone and their final message is strength and a brief summary of  their wants.

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