Monday, 9 January 2017

The emotional struggle of teenagers

Adolescents face difficulties expressing their emotions and sometimes this results in emotional outbursts.It's hard for most of them to talk openly to someone like their friends or family. So, what makes teenagers hide their feelings and emotions?

Their trouble dealing with their emotions is totally understandable and there are some reasons associated with this. First and foremost is pressure. One important type of pressure is parental. Nowadays parents usually press their teenage children too much. Some of them do it because they want their child to be better at everything than other students and see the grade system as a kind of competition between students' parents. Others however, just believe that the pressure they exert benefits their offspring. This makes teenagers very insecure about their abilities sometimes and ads up to their already tight schedule. Another common type of pressure, is by peers. Teenagers have to keep up with them in order to be sociable and this can become really frustrating sometimes. The other important reason is that they have to live up to set community standards. They are expected to have a certain personality and behavior that sometimes does not express their actual personality. In addition, when they try to defy these standards they are labeled and criticized.

However, there are also some solutions to adolescents' emotional struggle. First of all, I think that finding their passion can help them a great deal. Their passion might be for example art. They can release all their true thoughts and emotions by singing, drawing, dancing etc. It is a socially acceptable way that can also help them in the long run and they can end up doing it professionally. Moreover, another solution is talking with their parents, friends or relatives that they can trust and explain to them what they go through. It will make teenagers feel better and sometimes older people can even give them some sort of advice.

To sum up, emotion related problems make teenagers' lives harder and they can seem too overwhelming. However there are efficient solutions they could try out.

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