Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Τell-tale heart

   Analyzing the protagonist:
It seemed to me that the protagonist was a very twisted person since he kept on saying that he wasn't a madman but judging from his actions the only thing he could be was crazy.I also understood that the main character had a morph of psychosis with the vulture-like eye of the old man and because he couldn't stand being terrified every time the old man looked at him he decided to kill the elderly man by calculating his every move and acting as carefully as possible until he resorted in killing the him because he was afraid that the neighbours would be alerted and call the police by the heartbeats of the old man.Unfortunately,it was too late and as long as he had finished concealing the corpse the police arrived and although the protagonist had everything planned he started hearing the heartbeat of the old man inside of his head and he finally gave in.
   I am not sure that I understood the story fully,however I liked the protagonist 100% due to the fact that he reminded me of many cool characters I had seen from various animes and his personality was very interesting and well-built.If I had to rate this story I would rate it 9/10.

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