Monday, 13 March 2017

The Tell Tale Heart

  This book talks about a homicidal man and his new murder.  The victim is an old man with a vulture blue eye. The reason why he killed him was the eye as it is mentioned his blood and temperature  gets colder with just a glimpse. His plan was to visit his house about midnight in order to achieve the homicide. This happened for a week and on the eighth night he didi it. The older while he was waiting his death , he was getting more and more anxious. As a result his pulsation was quicker and louder.  The main role killed the man with pulling the heavy bed over him. That was his end. Then re police qot there and the main role convinced them that he wasn't guilty. However, a sudden feeling of ringing and this was getting louder and louder without stopping.  In the end,  he couldn't bare this emotion anymore and finally he said the truth.
  The impact by this book is that every bad action has a negative effect in the future.  No matter how the feeling of satisfaction tastes but the revenge the dead will take in order to make his homicidal,  in this case to feel intimidation and regret the actions.  In this Poe's book it is obvious that the man didn't finally fully regret the murder.

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