Thursday, 1 February 2018

Vocabulary: Negative prefixes and body parts

ECPE CHALLENGE, Unit 4 Workbook, Vocabulary activities 7, 8 and 9

Activity 7 

Parts of the body: chin, heel, jaw, spine thigh, vein

Problems: ailment, choking, fracture, rash, stiff, neck, tumor

Solutions: heal, immune system, plaster, recuperation, remedy, vaccination


  1. Show = display (δείχνω)
  2. Disorder= chaos (χάος, έλλειψη τάξης)
  3. Mislead= give the wrong impression (παραπλανώ)
  4. Misconception= a mistaken idea (λανθασμένη αντίληψη, ιδέα)
  5. Malnourished= underfed (υποσιτισμένος)
  6. Disembark= get off (αποβιβάζομαι)
  7. Mislay= lose or forget where you put sth (τοποθετώ σε άλλη θέση, ξεχνώ πού το έβαλα)
  8. Discount= a reduced price (έκπτωση)
  9. Mispronounce = say sth wrongly (προφέρω ή λέω κάτι λάθος)
  10. Mishandle= deal with sth badly (διαχειρίζομαι κάτι λάθος) 

Remember: mis= indicates a mistake / mal= indicates sth bad / dis= the opposite of sth else


  1. Get out of hand = get out of control (Common expression: The situation got out of hand)
  2. Head in the right direction = walk towards somewhere
  3. Put your feet up= relax and enjoy
  4. Have my hands full OR have my plate full= be very busy, have lots to do
  5. Keep my head= keep cool, never lose temper or control, always be calm and ready to act
  6. Have the cheek (συνήθως: μάγουλο, αλλά εδώ: θράσος) = have the nerve to say sth rude (mischievous= naughty, boisterous)
  7. Hand sth down to the next generation= pass it on, give it to your descendants
  8. The foot of the mountain = lower parts of the mountain (πρόποδες)
  9. Foot the bill= pay the bill (πληρώνω τον λογαριασμό)
  10. I’ve got to hand it to you= hats off to you= I give you the credit of doing good work

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