Thursday, 26 April 2018

ECPE Challenge Unit 9: Global Population

1. One of the best known initiatives to limit population growth was the One Child Policy instituted in China from 1979 to 2015. Things have now changed, and all couples are now allowed to have two children. Here is a video explaining why the policy was of limited success, what the consequences have been, and why other countries achieved comparable reductions in population without introducing draconian laws. At the end of the video you'll find links to videos on population issues in other countries.

 2. India is soon set to be the world's most populous nation. Here is a Deutsche Welle report (in English!) on how education and income influence family size, particularly among India's growing urban middle class.

3. Following on from the above, here is a TED talk by the Swedish academic Hans Rosling (1948-2017) on why the global population has ballooned in recent decades, and his view of the only sensible solution to the problem.

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