Tuesday, 26 June 2018

We may not be alone


A widely discussed issue the final decades is the question if there is the possibility of existence of life beyond Earth. Well, a lot of scientists argue about this topic; some of them believe there is life beyond Earth but there are also other opinions opposed to this statement. At this talk at Ted.com James Green talks about a discovey made by planetary scientists that can rebut nowadays data. To become more specific,  James Green made a speech in order to explain the exraordinary discovery the scientists made. In addition, they found that at the planet Mars and at three moons of Saturn Titan, Europa and small Enceladus there were actually existed, maybe for hundred of thousands years, the ingredients which are vital for the existence of life. As James  emphasised, if we find find the answer for the existence of life at these planets and it is a positive one, then WE MAY NOT BE ALONE!!!

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  1. Such an intriguing concept, Themis! I was wondering how you would feel if there was incontrovertible evidence about the existence of life far away from us. Would you feel threatened or excited by the new possibilities?