Thursday, 21 June 2018

Why schools should start later for teens

     It is a video about a very common problem among teenagers.Adolescents sleep late at night and they have to wake up early in order to go to school.As a result, they don't sleep the recommended time that scientists suggest (8-10 hours) and that may cause many problems to their school progress and to their life generally. Also, because they don't sleep enough they don't get up in time to go to school so  they are usually late  and they miss the first hours. For the speaker this problem  is caused by the public policy. So in order to find a solution to this, the time when school starts needs to be changed, because the more the teenagers sleep, the better they do at school!


  1. Very well done splendid and exquisit try!!!

  2. Oh well, that is such an interesting issue! A lot of people would agree with the speaker's statement, but others would definitely argue that all children's and adolescents' lives can be far more organised with better time management. This discussion will continue in class. Excellent effort, Marina!