Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Today in our lesson we talked about prejudice,stereotypes,discrimination and the causes of all these.People nowadays are more biased than open minded.They can't accept the fact that we have to co-exist with people from different countries with different races and social status.I believe that all people have the same rights and we can't condem them only because of their religion or their societal differences.

In "Pride and Prejudice", the book I'm reading we see prejudice regarding social status and the pride of a family.In this family there are four girls of marriageable age,a mother who wants the best for her girls and a father who seems to try to put up with his wife.Suddenly a handsome rich and successfull man moves to their neighbourhood and he attracts their interest.The mother does everything to persuade the father that this man is the appropriate one for one of their daugthers.

Stay tuned to find out the rest of the story!I'll write about it as soon as I read more chapters.

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