Thursday, 7 October 2010


Α description of the first 10 pages from my book  ''Rebecca"...

Maxim is a very dynamic man.He owns the business Manderley and he is very rich. His wife Rebbeca has died...The story starts as he is in a hotel(i think) and he has a business dinner with another woman who called Mrs Van Hopper.But finally there are 2 women and the other woman, the younger start liking to Maxim.

On the other hand Mrs Van Hopper is the boss of the younger and she does not know anything about the secret interest between Maxim and her employee.Maxim and the woman finally find a day,when the other woman is ill, to go a walk together.This walk passed off  to a marriage.The new couple move out to Maxim's old house and they start a new life together...

These for now...I look forward to reading the whole book and learn about the mystery life of Rebecca and Maxim!


  1. You have already started Helena, that's great! I can see that you enjoy the book right from the start. I read it a while ago, but I am afraid I have forgotten most of the details; so, I will stay tuned to read what happens next! :0)

  2. :-) the book is very interesting and i think i m going to read it quickly...if i have free time of course...

  3. By all means, do that... you won't regret it!