Thursday, 30 June 2011

What is your favourite book ?

Generally, I would be insincere if I said that reading books is one of my favourite leisure activities; neverrtheless, I have read a handful of books which have really fascinated me, such as the Phantom of the opera. I'd say that I am an emotional personality and therefore this book really helped me vent my feelings. It allowed me to identify with some characters and share their fears, suspense and agony. The content is believable, although some actions of the characters are extraorinary. For me though, this was not a problem,as this is fictional story. Being passionate about music, I became so addicted to this book that I finished its 500 pages in four days' time. It's a book you shouldn't miss. Unexpected set, intriguing plot, great characters. This book is justly considered as classic...

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