Saturday, 2 July 2011

The intriguing friendship!

    The sky had the most wonderful colours and the sunshine was there. Everyone was watching this charming and appealing picture and was surprised by this faschinating view.

     A company of ten friends, decided to set out for a journey for two days alone, without their parents. The destination was the city near them, Rethimno. They just wanted to take a rest and fill their batteries. There was also the vision of revolution in their minds, so they wanted to do something alternative and extraordinary.

        They went to the beach everyday. Their faces were glad and bright. They played rackets all the time and of course they loved swimming. At night they wanted to play guitar and sing all together. They had fun and they were talking about this friendship, insisting that they do not want to lose it.

       Out of the blue a man came along. He scared them, but then they understood that it was just a joke. A prank which had been played by Jim, the one of the two boys in the company. Everyone released their anger on him and so they had an argument. Some girls left and came back home. Only Elena stayed with him. They stayed the night in the beach talking about everything. After all these incidents , Elena understood that Jim was a real friend of hers.

 Two days later, the whole company was united again. The moral of this story is that friendship between the two sexes can exist. So do not be old fashioned. Become open minded and find the friends that will be your companions for all your life!

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  1. Great story Helen! Pay attention, though, to some mistakes I have corrected.

    Keep writing, Helen! We are very interested in what you have to say!