Sunday, 31 July 2011

''Le petit prince!''

    Readers have always loved books that have become classic novels. One of which is ''Le petit Prince'', which has been successful for more than fifty five years. It is true that it is an intriguing book that has provoked deep emotions in all its readers.

   At the beginning of the book, the little prince, who lives on an unknown planet as big as a home, meets a lost man.The lost man tries to fix his plane so that he can go back home, but at the same time he faces up one handsome sensitive and weird kid, as all the others, who is in love with a flower and likes seeing the sunshine.

  The plot is gripping. The prince tries to explain to the man the mysery and the loneliness of people. It is true that every discussion of the little prince is the search for the reality. This meeting finally turns out to be a love story, but unfortunately the man has to leave.

    There is a variety of illustrations and the characters are well-drawn. The prince is loyal, unpredictable and sticks to his best friend, the little rose, through thick and thin.

    The author, Antoine De Sand- Exipery, has moved beyond the usual formula for children's -and not only- books and has mixed imagination with love and deep emotions.What makes the book one of the best of its kind is that it is an alternative read with ingenuity and the innocence of a small kid.

  All in all, I dot not hesitate to recommend ''Le petit Prince'', as it is one of the best options for a gift.


  1. Good review and description, Helen! Be careful with the spelling of certain longer words!