Sunday, 31 July 2011

Nick's summer story


    A sudden, loud voice had interrupted my deep sleep. Yes, I could clearly hear a girl shrieking. ''Help me out''. Spontaneously , I put on my pants, my white T-shirt and and grabbed my friend's knife. Her voice was now barely audible. I rushed out of the tent... Inadvertently, I had to act as a hero.

    It had all begun the previous morning, when I, along with a couple of friends were setting off for a 3-day trip to Sougia,  in Chania, the annual venue of dozen of campers. We arrived, set up the tents and our equipment and went straight to the sea. Intrigued by the charming green- blue wate, and entranced by the natural day, we spent hours on end on the beach. The time lapsed, it was almost ten, as I recall, when inquired the others: '' I' ll go to grab a coffee, would you like anything? I'll foot the bill.'' Taking their orders, I went straight to the canteen.

    After waiting for half an hour ( the service was particularly awful ), I returned back to the tents to find everybody else sleeping. ''Insomnia'', I whispered ironically. Reluctant to sleep and, unlike my friends, still feeling vigorous, I chose to take a walk. For a strange reason, I felt tis bizarre emotion of being spied. ''Come to your senses, I scolded myself, '' I am on vacation, not the hero of a science- fiction film. Half an hour later, the soft noise of the sea and the consecutive sounds from swarms of insects caused me sleepiness...

    No sooner had I managed to close my eyes than I woke up out of the blue. I followed ''the voices'' up to a point. After that point, deathly silence. I stood there, frozen by fear, on a rock, utterly disappointed. Rivults of sweat were running down my face. I was on the point of  '' aborting the mission '', when a blinding light came to my eyes. The despondency had vanished... I knew I had to jump on this truck... I did so; and then an intense pain on the head... What was going to be the outcome of this thriller?

     My friend John, who was above me patted me on the back in a friendly way. ''Wake up thrill-seeker'', he said in a serious tone. ''I guess you are totally oblivious of the fact that that you caused inconvenience throughout the camping with your shouts. ''You must have seen a nightmare. I can't explain it differently.

     Half an an hour later, I woke up drinking my coffee with friends, endeavoring to describe them my weird dream. ''I was under the misapprehension that it was you Marianne'', I said. She laughed. The impolite waite came towards us asking for a tip. ''Never pat a burning dog's fur, pal'',  I replied calmly.        

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  1. Excellent post Nick! You are a fantastic storyteller, I assure you! :)