Friday, 8 July 2011

A modern time capsule!

    The little boy decided to open the box. He was curious as he had discovered it by diggin deeply in the ground. Iside the box, there were two things. One computer and one old piece of paper. His parents explained him that this box was a time capsule. Now I am also asked to choose two items to include in my own capsule. But , what picture would I want to give future generations?In my book, I will include one book and one collage of the fascinating beaches of Greece.
   To begin with, I would include a book, to show the intiguing side of it. What is more, Iwoyld like to arouse peoples' interest,in the future. In my view, books will not exist ,so this one will be the unique hint of books. In would depict my love in reading books.
   The next item, I intend to include would be a collage of all the wonderful beaches of Greece,a s a reminder of the beauty and the culture of our country. The person, who would be stricken and would like to visit these beaches if they existed, of course. This vision, would lead to more financial benefits to my country, as people from the future may wish to go all over the country to see the beaches.
  All in all, I choose the book and the picture with the beaches due to the fact that these are two characteristic examples of nowadays'society. Will these items seem strange to those who find them?I donot know but I donot think that I will get an answer. I can only hope that future generations will find them useful.


  1. Good work, Helen! I love the picture you chose to combine with your text!

  2. Thank oyu...I love the picture too!