Thursday, 7 July 2011


Subject: Recent complaints regarding the leisure centre.

I ntroduction
The purpose of this report is to review the recent complaints made about the leisure centre and to suggest the steps we should take to improve the situation.

Sports Facilities
1. Equipment
There have been several complaints about the quality of the equipment. Being in a state of disrepair due to the improper maintainance is quite worrying for such a well organised centre. Thus, i suggest we implement maintenance settle as well as purchase more equipment so as to rectify the majority of the problems.
2. Pool
A number of guests have complained that the water temperature is low. Checks have revealed that the regulator is out of order. Moreover, it is not well cleaned causing a variety of ailments in the swimmers. I propose we hire staff in order to clean the pool regularly and also maintain it.
3. Booking system
Complaints here have been about the double booking dealing place probleme. There have been difficulties in this field because of the inefficiency of the current system. So, we could repair it by installing computerised system properly utilized by the personnel.

1. Staff
Some of the clients complained about the staff manners as well as theis unwillingness to satisfy their demands. Also, possible delays regarding serving at peak hours due to the inadequate staff are mentined. We could deal with these problems by providing sufficient staff training and of course by hiring more staff in the longrun.
2. Food
complaints here have been about the taste and the variety. Bland dishes almost inedible and limited options were the basic problems. Athough, we changed the chef we did not manage any improvement. So, i propose we cater for different diets providing an abundance of food and also focus on healthy alternatives trying to supplant the junk food.

The more attractive our centre becomes, the more guests will be attracted. Bearing in mind that parking is already a major problem it will deteriorate. Not having the appropriate capacity for parking we could encourage the guests to use the public transport in an attempt to alleviate this.

Most of the problems highlighted by the complaints will be quite straightforward to solve. We have already rectified problems in some areas and await your approval to act on the outstandind issues.

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  1. Super piece of writing, Ourania!!! Now that you've taken up blogging, we all hope to see more posts like this one! :-)