Monday, 23 July 2012

Conditional Sentences about Global Warming

  1. If there weren't so many floods, farmland would be less destroyed and there would be more fresh water sources.
  2. On the grounds of global warming, over 1,000 plant and animal species have recently become extinct.
  3. If earth's temperature had not increased so much, heat waves wouldn't be more common that ever.
  4. If water temperatures had not risen, fish stocks would not be decreased .
  5. Forest fires would not have increased severely, if temperatures didn't rise.
  6. Were there more water supplies, smaller farmers would be able to cope.
  7. Had water levels not risen, Pacific islands would not be disappearing.
  8. If earth wasn't so dried, then farming would still be possible in some parts of the world.


  1. Great sentences, but I have a question to ask you:

    Is sentence number 2 a conditional one? :-)

    Way to go Maraki!

  2. Well, I knew that it wasn't a conditional one , however I liked the phrase :P