Monday, 20 August 2012

Example sentences

Examples with -ing

  1. It's no good working so many hours for such a low salary.
  2. I recall decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family.
  3. John detests listening to classic music.
  4. I recommend going to the local museum.
  5. Mary caught her brother eating the cake she had made.
  6. I imagine travelling to Africa and especially to Egypt.
  7. I can't stand people taking my things without asking me.
  8. It's not worth giving so much money for this old car.
  9. I avoid talking with my friends about my divorce.
  10. Jane fancies going to parties.
Examples with to

  1. I resolve to turn over a new leaf and forget the past.
  2. She threatened to fire me from my work.
  3. I manage to buy a car because I finally got the driver's licence.
  4. Teachers expect students to learn and become better people.
  5. My wish is to relax during the weekend.
  6. I pledge to have finished my work by tomorrow.
  7. I hope (for) Nick to wash the car.
  8. He appears not to be satisfied with his new job.
  9. I have neglected to take care of my pet.
  10. I pretend to be happy when I have problems.

  • I don't really like vegetables,irrespective of how healthy they are.
  • We moved in another house so we had to dispose of some old furniture.
  • His intent on buying her a new dress for the party is evident.
  • The reporter shed light on the relationship of the two athletes.
  • I am accustomed to listening to bad criticism.
  • Jane is so dedicated to her work that she doesn't have time to go out with her friends.
  • Such an expensive car was it that its price amounted to 1,000,000 dollars.
  • The tables of the wedding were adorned with flowers.
  • She is so consistent with her work that her boss gave her a promotion.
  • I was so preoccupied with the book that I didn't realise the time had passed by.