Monday, 13 August 2012

Gerunds & Infinitives


1. Whenever I see candy, I can't help eating it . 

2.  It's no use forcing yourself into a diet.

3. She didn't recall locking the door.

4. He denied stealing the money.

5. Mary couldn't stand hearing his offensive words.

6. He tried to postpone going to the dentist, as he was afraid of him.

7. She considers going out with him a total waste of time.

8. Being on holidays involves going to the beach every day.

9. He suggested going to the cinema.

10. He resents having to clean up all the mess.


1. No matter how little time he had, he still managed to finish his project on time.

2. The kind young man offered to help the old woman.

3. She seems to be unaware of the consequences.

4. He swore not to tell her secret.

5. The young woman decided to take a year off before going to university.

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