Saturday, 23 March 2013

The negative and positives effects that parents may have on their children when they try to push them in a certain direction.

It is an undeniable fact that parents always want the best for their offsprings. In this pursuit, more often than not, parents put pressure on their children in order to achieve a variety of accomplishments which the former feel that they will help the latter in their future. However, at times, this can lead to what parents try to avoid, even faster from what they would think in the first place.

To begin with, on the negative side when children are pushed into succeeding, they could acquire / develop psychological problems. The more they would try to satisfy the unquenchable need of their parents for excellence, the more the older generation would demands from them. This, in some occasions, could generate a feeling of some kind of hatred or repulsion targeting their parents. The children would constantly wonder why they cannot just accept them for what they are, but they have to instill in them a feeling of perpetual need for distinction. ? Thus, if children cannot meet up the expectations of their parents, they are likely to feel that they are worthless and, as a result, develop would have low self-esteem. Then, feeling alienated from their milieu will happen in short time and will be a further burden in their psychological situation. (would is used for the 2nd conditional, when talking about something impossible or unlikely to happen)

On the other hand, parental pressure also has some positive aspects. One of the most glaring ones is the job prospects in their future. Some professions require devotion and discipline from a very young age to master them. Therefore, the earlier the children start to get involved with them, the better they will be when the time comes. A case in point is when the youngsters would like to become athletes. Should their parents push them into sports early, the former will have a better chance for achieving greatness. (great example!) What is more, having parental pressure applied, children are learning their different aspects of their self can discover hidden talents and they can take advantage of them. Hence, if the family of a child do not urge them to start dancing lessons, but the child has an innate,inborn ability at it, then how are they supposed to become aware of it by themselves?

To sum up, it is clear that both sides have their points. In many respects, it is like a double-edged sword; how much pressure and whether it should be applied or not will be eternal questions troubling all loving parents. However, I reckon it is all a matter of degree. A gentle,subtle push in the right direction could lead the children in the right direction without bringing on the surface any unwanted, negative implications.

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  1. Great attempt, Michael! Try to be careful with some vocabulary you use and the formation of rhetorical questions, too. This essay would pass, but I am sure you can do a lot better. :-)