Friday, 28 August 2015


In recent years, the size of global population is constantly rising given that startling evince has come to light indicating that the birth rate, that is, the percentage of children born per woman, has peaked in countries, such as Africa, at the percentage of 7.34, whereas the world average is 2.58. Hence, opinions are sharply divided over whether the government should take steps to alleviate the phenomenon of the increasing universal population. 

There are many significant reasons why overpopulation should be tackled. First and foremost, not only will people be malnourished if the population is overwhelming, since there will be food shortages, but a one-time bonanza of fossil fuels (: oil, natural gas and coal) and highly concentrated minerals will also be depleted. Thereby, global warming and famine will be aggravated. Moreover, the fluctuation of demand and supply will continue to expand; subsequently, the prices of goods and services will be extremely high and so will the cost of living. Last but not least, unemployment is to rise, resulting n the stagnation of economy. Nevertheless, how can we remedy this mammoth problem in order to avert catastrophe? 

Having overshot the Earth's capacity to sustain our current numbers, we should not resort to inhumane measures, which would infringe on people's right to create a family.That is, the government should abstain from imposing population control to reduce the birth rates, unlike China, whose President introduced a one child per family policy. So, the most sensible step for the ruling Parties to take could be to provide families with financial incentives, for instance grans, tax cuts, or benefits, so as not to have a large family, at leas. lastly, were the government to launch a campaign to raise awareness on the seriousness of the situation, the birth rates would be curbed. 

On balance, there is no doubt in my mind that overpopulation poses and is going to pose one of the most pressing issues that mankind has to harness. However, how hopeful can we be about the future? In other words, will it be mandatory to take action, and if all governments do take steps , will people comply? 

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