Saturday, 29 August 2015

Single-parent families

Nowadays, the number of children growing up in single-parent families is constantly rising given that the percentage of single-parent households has peaked at 16% internationally. In fact, the findings of numerous studies suggest that the cudostial parent is most commonly the mother. As regards the reasons for a single-parent family, they can be attributed to divorce, death of one spouse, adoption by a financially secure parent and artificial pregnancy. Hence, what problems does this contemporary trend unearth and are there any steps that should be taken to alleviate the situation? 

There is a wide variety of problems that children of solo parents may encounter. First and foremost, it is essential every child have two role models in order to comprehend the behavior of both sexes. if not, the child may not be prepared to assimilate into society properly and may feel extraneous. Secondly, it is a fact of modern life that women are professionally occupied and since a hectic schedule dominates every employee's life, the more a parent works, the more difficult it is to supervize their offspring. More specifically, the two aforementioned problems may result in the psychological deviance of the child raised in a single-parent family. That is, depression, loneliness, alienation and isolation might arise, not only if the child is devoid of love and affection from its parent, but also if it faces the cruelty of individuals of the same age. 

The burden of responsibility, however, lies in the hands of single parents, who are in need of special qualities to help children overcome those problems. Firstly, every parent should be understanding and compassionate, and should have the proclivity to spend quality time with their children,for instance, spend all Sunday exploring interesting parts of the city, or helping with the homework on an everyday basis. Another case in point is that both constant discussion between the members of the family and consulting a child-psychologist could contribute to annihilating psychological problems, on the grounds that the child will dispose of adverse and subliminal feelings. Last but not last, the child itself should resort to relatives, who will exhibit the conduct of the sex of the absent parent.

On balance, there is no doubt in my mind hat so many a child will be raised in single-parent families in the future. So, were single-parents to be more responsible and take action, their progeny would be just as jubilant as the children of traditional families. 

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