Saturday, 27 February 2016

Microchip implants

                For some time now, a debate has been going on about whether people should have implanted microchips. All their personal data will be contained in them in order for people to be scanned when they go into a public service or other places where the traditional ID is now needed. Personally, I maintain that the scheme will gradually eliminate our personal identity and our rights. It violates human rights and freedoms and makes humans a consumable item without personal lives. 
                To begin with, the use of this device renders people to items which you can scan and know everything about. Thus, people will know more things for us than they should. For example, a doctor is not interested in our assets. This may lead to violation of our personality, personal freedoms or privacy. Furthermore, another fear of people is that it is not difficult for criminals to use concealed scanners to retrieve information on people's chips. It would then be quite straightforward for them to write their own chip and begin pretending to be someone else. Health is another vital point which people focus on. It is believed that these chips may emit radiation which can affect our health system. Last but not least, if the democratic polity of a country gives way to dictatorship, the dictator will be delighted that everyone has a chip and all the citizens' personal data are kept on a computer.
                On the other hand, if the tranditional ID cards are replaced by the microchips, people will not be able to lose them and also chips are more convenient. Chips may open up possibilities for technology such as automatic security doors for the home and keys may no longer be necessary. Moreover, it will be more difficult for people to commit fraud.
                Taking everything into consideration, my firm belief is that microchips will have detrimental effects on people's lives. Instead of using microchips, countries should provide citizens with a registration code where all their data will be kept. We shouldn't forget that human rights and freedoms are supreme values that should never be violated.

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