Saturday, 27 February 2016

What is education?

                  Nowadays, a debate has been going on about whether education is about learning or about teaching people to get along in society. Personally, I maintain that it is an ambivalent issue and many parameters should be considered to reach a final decision.
                  First of all, it is undeniable that learning from school is one of the most vital factors in children's or young people's lives. By learning about facts and figures we can be fully prepared for our adult life in many ways, such as, managing money or teamwork between people or companies. Another significant reason is that we need to have the basic knowledge to understand the current events and issues. As a result, we may improve our objectivity and have clear opinions about crucial issues. For example, we may have a more clear view about politics or who to vote in the elections.
                  There is, however, another side to consider: that is, society's role in people's education. Many people support the view that the most knowledgeable person may be in the future the worst person. According to this, educated person is not the one with more degrees but the one who behaves better to the other people. Moreover, we can learn how to behave in different situations, how to be an active citizen and how to deal with all the responsibilities, For a large amount of people this is an example of behaviour.
                  Taking everything into consideration, although there is no absolute answer to the question of what is education, I am inclined to believe that education is about both learning about facts and figures and teaching people how to get along with each other in our society. We should all be educated but also well beahaved to all other people, so both forms of education sre necessary.

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