Sunday, 30 October 2016

Fahrenheit 451 my favorite scene

My favourite scene of the book is when Montag tries to hide his biggest secret from his wife ; that he reads books . Because this history takes place in a century that books are banned, anyone who has the books will be burnt . So, this secret is about a book that he wants to read at night and due to the law he doesn't want anyone to know his secret . Montag is fireman and his job is to burn books so he will be in bigger trouble  if his wife finds  the book under the pillow where he keeps it. I chose this scene because Guy is so careful with his moves and in this way he doesn't let his wife learn the secret.

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  1. OK Maraki mou, but be more careful with grammar and also try to add some of the amazing vocabulary you have been learning these days. Right? :-)