Monday, 31 October 2016

Unlimited Blade Works :favourite scene:

     For starters,in this novel there is a war between Masters and the winner will acquire the holy grail which can grant him and his servant one wish of their choice.Masters have servants to fight alongside them,each servant is a historical or mythical figure,in this scene there is a fight between Hercules the greek hero and King Arthour the King of England.Furthermore each servant has their signature style of fighting and their ultimate move.Hercules ultimate move was that you had to kill him 12 times a day before he could be dead and King Arthour's ultimate ability was called Excalibur.With Excalibur he could enhance his sword with the power of his will and unleash a powerful stream of destruction that could destroy easily a town like Heraklion,however the drawbacks were that he couldn't move for a day after doing Excalibur.In this fight Arthour's Master wasn't there to support him,so he was fighting Hercules and his Master 2 versus 1,(I forgot to mention that Arthour needs to stay still and charge his blade for about 3 minuted before unleashing Excalibur)therefore Arthour didn't have time to charge.He was in the brink of death when his Master and protagonist Shirou appeared.Shirou was a magician and he could multiply things,at that time Arthour could not fight any more so Shirou told him that he would be the decoy as Arthour would be charging his blade,so it was done,Shirou bought enough time for his servant to unleash the mighty Exclibur and when it was unleashed he multiplyed it by 12 so they succeeded in killing Hercules 12 times a day alongside with the forest behind them.I liked this scene because I found their trick really clever and I was rooted to the spot because Arthour was in the verge of death.

Hercules and his Master:
 Shirou and Arthur(in the anime Arthur is female):
Source: The afictionado - Word press.

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  1. Such a cool story! Well done blogger Manolis! Is there a link where we can find this story online?